Kona finishAloha classmates! I want to apologize to you all for being a bit distracted and very late in my assignments this last week. I have been in Kona since Wednesday getting ready to competed in the Ironman World Championship. The race was yesterday but this place has been brimming with excitement from the moment we arrived. I did manage to get my ETEC 500 course work done but didn’t realize that the ETEC 648 discussion was due Friday. Did I mention I’ve been distracted? The pending race was weighing heavy on my mind and body.

On race day I felt ready to go, enjoy the journey, and take it all in. But Kona had other plans. This was the most difficult Ironman I’ve ever done. I was humbled and hobbled. The ocean had a current that pushed us out to the turn-around, but made the return trip a seemingly endless struggle. The bike course had cross or head winds both ways. People got blown over. I almost did too. I had a bad stomach and dead legs after 11 miles of the run. I couldn’t keep anything down and had to walk most of those last 15 miles. I was worried I might miss the 17 hour cut-off. But the sky was beautiful with stars & moon, the air was fragrant with island blooms, and the volunteers were awesome & encouraging the entire way. Turning onto Alii Drive for the final stretch I was energized. It was all I needed to break into a run. That final 100 yards to the finish made it alI worthwhile. I felt no pain then. My husband Bruce managed to get a spot right at the finish line. I fell into his arms elated, after 15 hours and 30 minutes of  Kona. Much mahalo for your understanding.