littlelibraryMy name is Lorraine Gersitz and I’m a librarian at Cerritos College. I’m the Reference & Instruction Coordinator, which means I coordinate all the classes, orientations, workshops, research guides, and reference desk activites. I also coordinate and maintain the information on our Library homepage. It’s a fun and hectic job but I LOVE being a community college librarian. I’ve worked in universities and in a research library, but there’s something very special about California’s community colleges and the students who attend.

The library field has changed so much since I started working as a student worker in my university library. That’s what makes it exciting and fun. But also challenging. Librarians are notoriously early adopters when it comes to technology. I’ve tried my best to keep current ever since we got rid of that dusty old card catalog and implemented our first online catalog.I’m here at CSUSB, virtually, to take courses that will help me learn about and become expert in a wide variety of educational technologies and to better understand how best to facilitate learning in a non-face-to-face environment. With this knowledge I hope to be able to move the Cerritos College library in a new direction by implementing innovative new services and revitalize some of our existing ones. I want to become a more effective, innovative, and creative librarian who can better engage todays students, this digital generation, I chose the CSU-SB program because I was particularly drawn to their mission statement: to prepare professionals to effectively infuse technology into instruction and to develop instructional materials that transform individuals and their communities. CSU-SB’s hand-on program has its students “produce and critically examine computer and video technologies that facilitate learning, access educational resources, and assess instructional effectiveness.” I can’t wait!

IMBoulderWhen I’m not being a librarian, I’m a very active triathlete. I swim, bike, and run – a lot. I’m going to Kona next week, in fact, to compete in the Ironman World Championships on October 11. Don’t worry Professor Newberry, I’m bringing my laptop. 🙂